Therapeutic Services Offered

Individual Therapy

I help my clients heal by first showing them unconditional positive regard.  Then I help them improve their thinking, increase coping skills and motivation to change, and resolve the unfinished business of their past; so that growth and potential can be realized and achieved.

Family Therapy

In working with families, I help them to improve their relationships and overall family system by identifying and replacing unhealthy interactional patterns with healthier ones, enhance communication skills, and work through unresolved issues.

Couples Therapy

I take an objective approach, where I stay as neutral as possible, so that I can be more effective in seeing the relationship problems from both intrapersonal and interpersonal perspectives; helping couples find solutions, where healing, improved communication, and stronger connection can occur.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, I help my clients to come together in unity, empathy and synergy, where they can express their feelings, give and receive support, and ultimately improve and heal their presenting problems.