About Us

My name is Jared Greene and I have worked in the mental health field for 16 years in various capacities.  I have been practicing as a mental health therapist for 7 years.  I enjoy working with all client populations.  It's highly rewarding to be a part of an individual, couple or family's journey towards greater joy and wellness.  I love to see the growth and fulfillment that comes as we work through their presenting problems and discover their strengths, helping them to live more fully and increase their quality of life.  

          I use an integrative approach, where I draw from multiple theories in helping my clients to address their issues, so that they can reach their goals and live a healthier life.  My clients appreciate my respectful, genuine, empathic approach.  I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction (substance abuse, pornography, other sexual addictions, and so forth), personality disorders, family/marital issues, co-dependence, adolescent issues, grief/loss, shame/guilt, abuse, other traumas, etc.  I work a lot with clients who have dual diagnoses (substance abuse and mental health disorders).         

          I have worked with adolescents for 16 years in various settings.  I have a lot of experience in working with family system problems and am passionate about bringing families closer together.  I help my clients, couples and families work through their impasses and improve communication, so that healing, growth and happiness can increase.